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About Crunchy Mamas

Welcome to Crunchy Mamas!

Since 2012 Crunchy Mamas has been committed to bringing you top quality chemical-free skin and body care products. Our products are made in small batches for consistent quality and product freshness. With a progressive thinking and inclusive mindset, our products are intended for use on all bodies.
So many skin care products contain chemicals, perfumes, or other undesirable ingredients. We create powerful organic products that harness the benefits of pure essential oils – and they really work! More and more people are understanding that less is more, that natural is better, and that nature often has the answer to our needs.
Ditch the chemicals and see how safe and effective natural products are.
No Perfumes, No Dyes, No Glitter, No Chemicals, No Crap.
Owners Amber & Michael with our Awesome Kids circa 2014.

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