DIY Powder Foundation, Dudettes!!

DIY Powder Foundation, Dudettes!!

Let's make some powder foundation!  

I made this with a friend and it's a fabulous, natural, DIY alternative for those that want to make their own face powder at home with a few, easy ingredients.  It would also be a super fun project to do at a women's get together! The ingredients listed can all be purchased from Mountain Rose Herbs(specifically the clays), Amazon, or a local health food store. The ingredients are a one time purchase that will last you a very, very long time. Keep in mind that cocao powder is very different from cocoa powder(like what is used in hot chocolate).  Be sure that you are using pure cocao powder that doesn't have added sugar to it!

The picture above are some of the ingredients that I used in order to make this powder.  There are many other options that you can go through for ingredients, but keep in mind that good quality goes A LONG ways!

Here is your recipe!

When mixing your ingredients together, you do want to keep in mind that it appears dark if you initially add all 2 tablespoons of cocao powder.  However, I am super pale, and it was a perfect color for me.  You can add more cocoa powder or more arrowroot powder if you need to change the color to your liking.  Every skin tone if very different, so there is not one recipe that is going to work for everyone! Have fun with it and make your own version of this recipe.  

Apply the powder with a soft brush, and voila!

Please feel free to share this recipe with your friends! Happy powdering!