Going Solo

Going Solo

As many of you probably already know, I am now sole proprietor of Crunchy Mamas.  A few months ago, Ashley made the difficult decision to leave the business in order to fulfill the needs of her family and a new job with the Chamber of Commerce in Dallas, OR.  Let's rewind several months....

Ashley and I were both experiencing some major burnout in the business for various reasons and had both made the decision that after 5 years of work we would close Crunchy Mamas for good.  We made a 6 month plan to exit and both felt at peace with it. To my complete shock, as the time kept getting near for the doors to close, I just knew I had to continue in the business.  I felt an emptiness when I thought about not having Crunchy Mamas as part of my life anymore.  I realized that with the age that my kids are, my husbands line of work, and honestly not having many friends, that I NEEDED Crunchy Mamas.  I hated the idea of people not having these beloved products, including myself!  I feared what I would do to fill my time and how I would find that fulfillment in something else.  I soon realized that I needed to stay, but how could I do that without Ashley?

Would people like me?  Would they want to support the business if it was just me?  Could I actually accomplish doing this on my own?  I had a couple of very dark, depressing, difficult months when I went through this transition.  However, I stuck with it because I knew that if I didn't I would regret that decision forever.  I struggled through the ups and downs of making the business "me" instead of "us".

Once I began to see the business' potential, get over myself, and start focusing, I found my footing. I began seeing a future for myself in the business and started brainstorming how to make Crunchy Mamas mine, not Ashley and Katie's.  Although this process was difficult and emotional, I also felt excitement and things began turning around for me.

I started to think about how I would run the business, the changes I would make, the way I would manage my time in order to make things work.  I found my groove with social media, learning to enjoy it and not worrying about if I lost followers because the content was changing.  I had to get to a place of confidence and say "screw it".  I was either going to give this a go and do ME, or I was going to fake it till I made it.  I don't know how to be anything but real and transparent.  I can't help but try and make people laugh and to brag about my products.  I was apprehensive, but boy am I happy with the results!  I absolutely love my loyal customers, friends, and family who have shown up to support me. You are the reason I continue in this business every day.

Recently, I have released a new website that I feel is "me" and I'm feeling so liberated!  The past several months have been extremely hard for a variety of reasons, but nothing good ever comes easy.  I am so glad that I continued this business and am thankful for the sense of passion, fulfillment, and purpose that it gives me.  I feel incredibly motivated to move this business forward and make the products that you all have grown to love so much.

Thanks for sticking around.  You have no idea how much I appreciate you.

Crunchy Mamas, you complete me.