My kids are the ones who tell the class Santa isn't real...

My kids are the ones who tell the class Santa isn't real...

The other day I was thinking about how weird things have gotten, especially on Instagram.  I feel like it's the cool thing to be a Mom, but like...not just a Mom....a super cute Mom who always loves her baby.  The Mom is perfectly dressed, with the most perfectly applied makeup, and eyebrows of course.  The baby doesn't have acne, is never crying, and always has the perfect accessories. I mean, there is no way that Insta-baby actually poops or cries, right?  Her kids are always the cutest, house is always clean and if she actually posts a "real" photo it's of her still looking awesome with a couple of hairs out of place and two pieces of unwashed laundry in the background.

Dudes, when my kids were babies I was lucky if they pulled off a cute day and I certainly didn't like them all the time.  There were days I wanted to run out the door, rev up the mini van, and start a new life.  There were times I was concerned that if they crawled around on the floor they may pick up some rare disorder and their bed sheets smelled like piss, but tonight, I'm just too tired. There were nights I truly felt like a zombie and thought I could possibly turn and eat them. Days where you throw a granola bar at their face when they say they're hungry.  Days where you scream at the top of your lungs, only to realize they're staring at you blankly, convinced Mom has finally gone over the deep end.  Days where I am thankful for those electronic devices to numb their minds so they're not bugging me for the 16 millionth time.

We all Mom differently, and that is OKAY!  It is, really.  I promise. My kids think farts are funny, are embarrassing at times, and will be the kids to announce to their classroom that Santa isn't real. Some of us are sweet, some are sassy, some rough around the edges.  Some Mom's have the ability to keep their appearance top notch, while others were lucky to get a shower today.  Others have clean houses and cute decorations, where others have handprints and crooked pictures from those darn kids. We all bring something different to parenting, which is perfectly imperfect.  We all come from different walks of life.  Different upbringings, backgrounds, personalities, and styles.  There is no one right way to parent, it's up to each of us to do our best and realize our kids will see that.  They will understand Mom was a little weird, but she loved us.  She laughed with us. She did her best.   

Don't let social medias strange way of bringing out the competitively perfect Mom's get in your way of Momming. You are doing great. We don't need to compete with other Mom's to see who's doing best, because we all know that we ARE doing the best we know how. THAT is all that matters.

Also, don't forget to keep laughing. It cures everything.