Taking time to unplug...and not caring if you have B.O.

Taking time to unplug...and not caring if you have B.O.

This past weekend, we decided to take the opportunity of some time off and drag the trailer out to the wilderness where we would camp for the next four nights. The four of us, along with our four dogs found a perfect spot nestled in a canyon with a creek running through it. There were no other humans around, except for us…well…and the free range cows that would show up in the evenings to drink from the creek. The dogs were in heaven. There were no leashes, lots of squirrels, and no pesky park rangers telling them that they couldn’t run wherever the heck they wanted.

The first thing many of us noticed when we arrived(which is only about an hour away from where we live) is that there was no, I mean ZERO cell reception. This meant no cell phones, no iPads, and no Netflix. We were fortunate enough to have two 4-wheelers to bring in tow and made sure to bring plenty of board games, books, and gas for the generators. In the evenings we were able to take advantage of the privilege of electricity and watch a family movie together in the comfort of the travel trailer. The kids had to learn AGAIN that you can’t just leave the trailer lights on endlessly and unless the generators are on, you can’t just plug things in. There wasn’t “running” water except for what we brought in the tanks and that HAS to last for four days. The toilet was only for the middle or the night or when someone had to take a dump. I mean, after all, that is one of the main perks of having a trailer, right!? :)

Our family loves to camp and we are very fortunate to be able to do this often since we live in Baker City, OR. We are surrounded by endless wilderness in a very unpopulated area. However, that doesn’t mean that when we’re in the comforts of our own home we don’t take full advantage of wifi. We love playing on our phones, computers, and watching Netflix. After all, we DO live in 2017. Oh, and don’t worry, this isn’t another one of those “we need to get off our phones and actually make eye contact and conversation” posts. I am one of those people that does spend a lot of time on my phone and computer because my business is run off of social media and internet capabilities.

What I do know, is that finding time to unplug is SO important! The four days we spent just being together and being forced to find new ways to entertain ourselves is always a very grounding experience. It not only makes you appreciate nature and the simple things, it also makes you appreciate and understand what you do have in your everyday lives. The ability to plug something in, to have endless heat flowing through the vents, gas in the truck, and a grocery store within a short driving distance.

Our weekend held many unforgettable experiences. Hanging at camp talking or playing games. Riding four wheelers miles into the wilderness and finding tons of wildlife and 360 degree views that truly made you feel as if you were on top of the world. Watching the sun fade away each night, realizing it was time to watch another one of the old movies on DVD that we had seen a hundred times, but still laughing as if it was the first time we had seen it. Wading in the creek. Taking cold showers because you didn’t want to waste propane and you thought you were tough enough. Smiling at the dogs’ antics as they believed as if they were in their own personal heaven on earth, filthy, eating cow poop, chasing squirrels, and cooling off in the creek. Sleeping like rocks each night because we were genuinely “outside” tired and not caring what time we woke up. Laying in the hammock by the creek, staring up at the sky. Shooting bows and rifles. Grilling out and eating simply, yet it tasted like the best food we had ever eaten. Wondering how our feet got so dirty and not giving a crap. Not caring about what we looked like or what we were wearing. Really, not much mattered other than what we were occupied with at the time.

In summary, the weekend was pretty darn fantastic! I hope that you too can find time to truly unplug and reconnect with those most important to you.