When passions collide.

When passions collide.

So anyone who knows me, like, at all, knows I'm a dog FREAK OF THE WEEK!

So, yes, I love dogs.  Like, a lot.  Several years ago, I got involved in dog rescue and have helped in many different capacities.  I love fostering dogs until they find their new homes and helping to network, or fundraise for rescues whenever I can.  I came to realize that dogs are my way to give.  My way to show compassion for something, to help, to make a change.  Dogs get me.  I get them.  

There was a time that I struggled with focusing all of my giving attention towards dogs.  I felt the pang of judgement when a few people questioned what I do, telling me that there are so many humans out there who need help.  Yes, there are.  However, I had to come to a place of comfort in my passion, knowing that dogs truly are my gift.  To deny that would just be foolish!  I hope you all have found your avenue to give and can go at it with gusto and confidence!  We all have a different gift to give!

Quite a ways back, Ashley and I used the sale of our Pit (deodorant) to benefit dogs in rescue, by donating 10% to a few selected rescues.  When I took over the business, I knew that deodorant would not be something that I would be continuing long term, so I started brain storming for quite some time about how I could continue to use the business to benefit dogs in rescue. Then, it came to me!  The Joy Lip Balm.  

The Joy Lip Balm would be "A Dog Lover's Lip Balm" and 100% of the proceeds would go towards dogs in rescue.  It took months of planning because I knew it just had to be perfect!  Joy was named after our beloved rescue dog, Joy who we adopted three years ago and has made such a huge impact in not only our lives, but in the lives of so many others.  Joy is loved and adored by everyone she meets and has been an incredible ambassador for her Pitbull breed.  I find it humbling to use the life of this Dear dog to benefit so many others.  I shed a few tears the day the Joy Lip Balm was finally released and saw just how well received it was.  This lip balm raised over $400 in the first week for dogs in rescue. I can only imagine what it will do from here!

So, please.  Help me share the word about Joy and her lip balm.  Because ya know what, dog rescue should be on everyone's lips!

Oh, so you said you want to see pictures of my families dogs?  Well, ok, if you're going to pull my arm! 

Seriously, how adorable are Joy and Bean?

Friggin' Papi Chawa



Pookie, my hospice care foster baby!

So there you have it!  I would love to see pictures of all your beloved pooches, or to hear about your passion!  If you haven't found it yet, I promise, you will!