Terms and conditions of the Joy Lip Balm Rescue Program:

The Joy Lip Balms are sold for $3 per piece.  100% of that $3 is donated to the rescue that the customer chooses from a drop down menu while ordering off of the Crunchy Mamas website. You will receive the funds raised for your rescue via a "donation" once per month, for the previous months earnings. There is a $15 minimum required in order to receive the donations for the month. If the monthly minimum is not met for the month, it will be added on to the following month(s) donation.  This program is only as successful as the people behind it, meaning sales won't generate themselves.  For that reason, it is required that the rescue post about the Joy Lip Balm program a minimum of one time per month to their social media pages, informing their followers of the program and how it will benefit your rescue. If you ever need photos or material for this, you are allowed to take and copy a photo from the Crunchy Mamas Facebook page. You may also copy verbiage off of the captions, or share a photo directly from the Crunchy Mamas Facebook page. 

I retain the full right to choose the duration of your rescue's participation in the program at any time. 

Now that I've said all the boring stuff, go ahead and fill out the application below and I will get a hold of you!  Thank you for all you do for our dog friends!