State LOVE Sticker

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Show off your state LOVE!

Vinyl LOVE stickers created by Outlier Custom Design

Oregon, Washington, Idaho currently available. More states available through Outlier Custom Design.


1. Clean the application area with alcohol or soap & water. Windex or 409 and such will leave a residue preventing adhesion, don't use these. 
2. Using a squeegee or credit card, press firmly on the decal to ensure that the decal sticks to the application transfer paper. This is a crucial step, don't skip it!
3. Peel the paper backing away from the decal very slowly. I SAID VERY SLOWLY.
4. Apply decal to cleaned area, pressing firmly using squeegee or credit card. Just when you thought you squeegeeeeed enough, squeegeeeee some more.
5. Slowly remove transfer paper. Be careful not to pull the decal away from the cleaned area. If decal starts to pull off, repeat step 4.
6. Admire your freaking sweet new Crunchy Mamas decal.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review
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