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Got burns?  From sunburns to accidental burns, chaffing, irritation, this soothing spray will leave you saying "ahhhhhh".  Toasted soothes, heals, and restores your burned skin.

Toasted is a combination of Witch Hazel, Aloe Vera Gel, and Lavender & Eucalyptus Essential Oils!  Toasted comes in an easy to apply spray bottle so you don't have to "rub" a product on your sensitive skin. Toasted relieves pain with a cooling sensation as it moisturizes and heals your burned areas.  Keep it in the fridge for an even better cooling experience!


Please read the ingredients!

This product proudly contains: organic witch hazel, organic aloe vera gel, organic macadamia nut oil, organic eucalyptus essential oil, organic lavender essential oil.

2.7 ounces



These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. Please consult your physician to ensure that essential oils are right for you, especially if you are pregnant or nursing. Products containing essential oils should always be kept out of eyes and are for external use only. If an allergic reaction occurs, please discontinue use immediately. Some essential oils, particularly those from the citrus family can increase your sensitivity to sun and UV light. Please take caution while being in the sun after exposure to citrus essential oils.


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Written by Jeanette Lewis on Jul 20th 2017

Toasted Spray

I CAN NOT camp without at least one bottle of Toasted spray. Inevitably someone in my family is going to get sun kissed shoulders and cheeks, burn themselves with a semi-flaming marshmallow, or in my case grab the handle of a hot pan while cooking over the fire. This spray is a camping life saver for us!